Sunday, January 25, 2015

Eventide and the Rise of the Kissing Moons


Kissing Spheres on White Jelly Belly Candy Box Candy Tin


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Secret List Of Secret Lovers

Time to pay it forward.  Visit the links.  Encourage bookmark.  Patronize!  Create tomorrow's headlines with foot traffic.  If a million people click on a single link,  it will make news, and maybe even history.  Do you want to the news to be something grand or something horrible.  You get to choose.

I have a preference for those that encourage or at least allow comments and interaction.  I am convinced that a flow of spiritual energy is required for the process to work.  If it's just a lecture, I don't think that will work.

Some say that allowing comments leads to too much spam.  However I have noticed that it's content when I try to sell but it's spam when you try to sell.  So much of what we call spam just isn't.  Try and keep you links in the space provided be positive.

The 11 Forgotten Laws of Attraction

Secret Seekers Seek Secret Lovers?

How A Secret Seeker Seeks a Secret Lover

How to Win, Succeed, Gain Wealth and Happiness and Find Your Secret Lover at Last


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