Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dewy Thoughts

Morning dreams rising thick and silky in misty morning

What was that I was thinking…dreaming…Sand through the fingers

Deep thick water with ropy waves

And the little lizards demand all the flat, dry places.

Dewy thoughts

Pieces of the sky washed up at the waters edge

Dawn breaks and pieces of the sky scattered and washed up on the shore

Dead calm before the rising of the sun

And out on the lake, an insects view of the world

Poking the pond a thousand times until the world is ripple wonderful

Sky Watcher

Daybreak: The Illumination of the Soul

Laughing Robes

Morning Clothes

Divine indignation

Nemesis of the divine

Cloud reader

Maker of mirrored pools

Sky watcher

Cloud groomer

Maker of mirrored pools and sunny days

And an aching sky full of promise

Lay bout the grass

Communing with dew and birdsong

A thin veil of film clouds against the vault of blue

The end of summer revealed


Raining Acid

A national park Geyser makes it rain acid

In the distance a mountain range Cut out of the dark blue felt

Mountains rising through the high, thin, desert air

Between the mountain and the geyser an ocean of shifting sand

( A thousand years ago, between sword, sand and the unforgiving sun some perished
in the desert)

Other Lands